life worth living

When you seek a life worth living 

you may find that life is not worth living at all

perhaps your wounds cut too deep 

the memories are too painful 

 the shame has provoked insecurity 

or the disappointment has produced uncertainty 

when this happens

it is only plausible that one would wallow in despair

become darkened by grief 

lose the fighting purpose

that anchors us all 

but what if your duty isn't to seek

a life worth living 

but to simply live with worth

what would your life be like if you

rested in the unsettling chaos 

if you pursued what's beyond your pain 

what if you accepted the truth,

regardless of what has happened, 

you are worthy 

and because you are worthy 

you are living 

And what if that, in of itself,

makes your one precious life

all worth it