We may long to feel happiness 

we may long to alleviate suffering 

we may long to get rid of anxiety 

or to make peace last just a little bit longer

this is natural 

and it makes sense 

but just as quick as feelings come 

feelings go

what we feel now does not 

ascertain what we will feel later 

the tides come to carry it all away

even the most beautiful feelings

the feelings we want to last for eternity 

eventually fleet with each new season

and that's okay

there's a sense of liberation we receive from that

we are not stuck in any feeling

no matter the duration or the intensity 

no matter the fleeting absence 

or the powerful eruption

our feelings are just secret messengers 

guiding us home

reminding us we are alive 

telling the story of our past 

and the hope we yearn for in the future 

unearthing a part of ourselves that's needed

therefore we must listen to them 

and never push them away

we must listen well to the complexity of 

sweet tenderness 

and painful sadness 

and everything in between 

listen well,  even when we do not know

how to comprehend 

how to reflect 

with whom to share 

because each feeling is valid and vitally important

because they shape what we do and do not do 

because they construct our hidden dreams 

and self-perception

because they form our relationships

and motivate our successes 

therefore we must accept our feelings as they are 

open ourselves up to them as they appear

and learn from what they communicate 

with the hopes that 

our truest feelings will 

never forsake us 

but it will lead us to what is

most true 

most needed 

most whole