Can you?

Can you embark on this journey and know that there will be pain and the road will not shorten

That there will be no short cuts, or clear cut answers

But rather more questions, and uncertainties?

Can you stand firm on solid ground, on rocky ground, on soiled ground, and become unearthed by your own foundation?

Will you be able to laugh and to cry, and yet not choose one over the other?

Can you stay still in the raw, authentic, imperfect you without needing a quick fix?

Will you slowly unravel the mystery of being alive…

To listen to the voices, quiet, and loud, near and far, and find the truth?

Can you be awakened by the messiness of love and loss

And not be frightened by the chaos?

Will you be brave in the face of your own demons

To look in the mirror, and not turn away?

Can you acknowledge your shame and somehow find your beauty?

Will you walk in your loneliness and discover true companionship? 

Can you question your beliefs and become more faithful?

Are you willing to live this life with all of it's broken pieces

and rest in an unshakeable peace?