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Hello! My name is Brya Hanan, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and mental health advocate passionate about empowering people to become their most authentic selves. I welcome you to my site and hope you find some of the resources helpful!



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A letter from the therapist  

Life is an unending journey of discovery and desire for happiness. For many of us, this does not come easy and without great pain. Psychotherapy exists so that you do not have to discover nor experience this great pain, alone. I became a psychotherapist because I truly believe in the power of communion and I felt called to offer compassion and emotional freedom to those whom have grappled in their quest for happiness.

However, I do not believe that we discover ourselves and find fulfillment through happiness. We become truly happy or fulfilled when we become most authentic.

For me authenticity means living a life that makes the unconscious, conscious. It means becoming self-aware and having compassion for what you are aware of. It means being honest with yourself, including your needs, your desires, your boundaries and your limitations. To live authentically is to wrestle with what is not you and discover how to integrate the different parts that is you. It means living a life that constantly evolves for the better- shaping how you view and interact with yourself, relationships and the life you have been given.

I created this blog to begin a conversation on many ways we can live more authentically. As a therapist, I am constantly learning from my clients and I am finding new ways to help connect to others most authentic self. As a result, I have come across a plethora of resources in which I share on this site, that have helped me and my clients. I also created a section of this blog where you can email me if you have specific questions and are in need of a specific resource to support you. I hope to constantly add to this site based on the needs of those whom I come across. I am also still taking new clients so if you are in the Oakland, Ca area, I’d love to have the conversation with you within the framework of psychotherapy.

Lastly, you may notice I use within my resources, Christian resources. As a practicing Catholic, this is important to me because growing up I did not know how to integrate my spiritual health with mental health. When I learned how to integrate religious tradition and knowledge with the tradition and knowledge of psychotherapy, I experienced an abundance of healing and reconciliation. I believe an abundance of healing and reconciliation is meant to be shared, which is why I offer you both spiritual and psychotherapeutic resources. However, you do not need to be religious to benefit from the resources or my services. All people, including all faiths, are welcomed. Regardless of your background, it is my sincerest hope that together we find happiness and wholeness through living a an authentic life.

With love

Brya Hanan, amft Associate Marriage and Family Therapist # IMF102243.png

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