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Hello! My name is Brya Hanan, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist passionate about empowering people to become their most authentic selves through the lens of mental health. I welcome you to my site and hope you find some of the resources helpful!



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about living authentic

Living Authentic is a mental health platform founded on guiding principles of psychotherapy. Mental health resources and inquiry is provided to support those on the journey to becoming their most authentic self. Living Authentic believes that authenticity is deepened over time by making the unconscious, conscious and unearthing one’s power and potential. This process awakens joy and creates purpose. The very ingredients to a sustaining and enriching life.

“Embrace your life entirely along with all of it's messiness and complications. Never trade your life for another. This is your unique journey and it's a journey when lived authentically, can be experienced joyfully.”

Brya Nikole Hanan, AMFT

Please reach out if you have any questions or if you are interested in seeing specific resources. The site is constantly evolving to meet the needs of my clients and those whom I come in contact with.


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