1. What are some things you’ve tried so hard to change but can’t? Write a list of things in your life you have to accept. How can acceptance and letting go of what you cannot change support your emotional and mental health?

  2. What are your values? How are you living in accordance with your values? Are your behaviors aligned? What would need to change to live more in congruence with what is most important to you?

  3. What are the messages your child self received/ what does your child self believe about themselves? What do you think your child self needs and did not receive? Using all the knowledge you have presently, what would you say to your child self now?

  4. What are the messages your current self received/ what does your current self believe about themselves? What does your current self need and did not receive? Imaging your adult self, what would your adult self say to you now?

  5. Write a list of your fears. Why do these fears exist? What are the negative and irrational beliefs associate with these fears? How can you confront these fears and live courageously?

  6. What are the wounds you hold in your heart? What would you need to heal?

  7. What are healthy relationships? Write a list of traits and values that define a healthy relationship.

  8. In wedding ceremonies two people make vows that they intend to follow for the rest of their lives. Using a similar rhetoric, make a vow to yourself. Include all the things you’re willing to accept, commit and defend in order to honor, respect and love yourself.

  9. Who do you need to forgive in your life? Write a letter to the person you would like to forgive using your own wisdom and understanding. What are you willing to let go but not forget?

  10. What can you appreciate about your family? What did you learn? Include behaviors, beliefs, values that you want to adopt and those you do not want to practice.

  11. Think about all the people who have ever came into your life and showed you compassion and care. For a couple moments just allow yourself to experience these people and what they have given you. After reflecting, list those names and write a brief description of what they did for you or what they shown you. How can you bring their love and support into your daily life?