Therapy is all about connecting to your most authentic self.  Think of the therapist as your mirror. The therapist reflects to you, your very self but contrary to the feelings most mirrors bring when you’re standing in front of them, it offers you non-judgement. With non-judgement you are able to see things in a whole new way- whether it be your past, your present or your future. With each new session, your eyes begin to change the way you view your reality and your new awareness ultimately enhances the choices you make and the way you experience your life.

In addition therapy offers people new tools to help them manage life's complexities and challenges. Just like we have learned many maladaptive behaviors to cope and live, we can also learn many adaptive ways. Adaptive coping skills make all the difference to our happiness and well-being, and once practiced and repeated, it can leave many people feeling a lot more hopeful, autonomous and holistically healthy.   

Ultimately therapy is VERY beneficial to many, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, social status, belief system, or mental and emotional state. The kind of therapy that will fit you best, simply is what matches your unique needs, personality and comfort. However therapy isn't easy. It takes a lot of courage to seek therapy and even more courage to continue. So brace yourself for not always wanting to go to therapy, for crying on the way, during and after therapy, and for major challenges against your former way of thinking and behaving.

One last important caveat about therapy- there's a difference between therapy and good therapy. Good therapy respects your space, is gentle with your vulnerabilities, honors your story, and maintains a strong relationship built on mutual understanding and trust. When choosing a therapist you may need to shop around. Just like most relationships, therapy cannot persist if you are not comfortable or if you do not feel safe and connected. However, you won't always find comfort, connection and safety in your first, second and even third session but trust your gut, you'll know when you've truly found the right therapist and therapy for you.